It started almost two years ago, when the intermittent border skirmishes between The Confederacy and Radav Oldranon turned into an all-out war. The blighted forces of Radav Oldranon, cursed of Vecna, poured out of the Oldranian borders. Risz, a nation of barterers and knowledge-traders, was trapped between the two. It fell first, and fell quickly. The capitol city of Westcrown lasted but a few days under the relentless savagery of the Jade Army. It is now a ruined husk, serving as a base of operations for the Oldranians, who squat among the blasted buildings of the once-great trading metropolis. Most of the citizens of Risz were able to escape, and are now refugees scattered amongst the nations of Far Primus. Those who could not escape were slaughtered.

The regions to the north of Radav Oldranon fared better. The Three Kingdoms were quick to forget their internal squabbles when the Jade Army began its attack. Their forces were more than a match for Radav Oldranon’s best, and stopped the invading army in it’s tracks. A heated stalemate persists. Vecna’s Blighted are unable to gain an advantage over the best warriors in Far Primus, but The Three Kingdoms can’t quite find the political will to mount a counter-offensive.

The endless deserts of Kyzyl Kum, sitting between The Confederacy and The Three Kingdoms, are an environmental menace for any army trying to find a way through. However, the Jade Army would have surely bested the wastelands by now if not for the sudden resurgence of an unknown leader. Someone re-formed an alliance amongst the Barbarian Tribes of Kyzyl Kum. They are now waging a guerrilla war against all Jade Army forces trying to pass through. To this day, none of Radav Oldranon’s forces have managed it. There is nothing for them in Kyzyl Kum but deprivation and death.

Because of this, The Confederacy has borne the brunt of the Jade Army’s forces. The battles are constant, and draining. While The Confederacy has a tremendous amount of resources at its disposal, its forces are untrained and largely unwilling. Nobles squabble amongst themselves about who should pay for what, and whose lands should be protected first. And though the Jade Army is smaller, it is much better organized, and has an impressive array of arcane and divine spell-power that can easily flatten unprotected armies. There is a stalemate, but it is slowly shifting, and The Confederacy is running out of time.

Something else stirs. The Hordelands, the frozen waste between Nall Moran’Gar and the rest of Far Primus, is the home to uncountable swarms of ferocious beasts and evil humanoid tribes. In the best of times, they are muted, and kept at bay by the noble efforts of the Kingdom of Talingarde. These are not the best of times. The beasts of the Hordelands are surging, and Talingarde is struggling. Rumors abound of large groups of marauding Hordes wreaking havoc south of Talingarde’s protective towers. There are even darker rumors that the Kingdom itself is a suffering from debilitating bouts of treachery and sabotage. If Talingarde were to fall, and the Hordelands were to become unchecked… there would be much suffering.

But, of course, Lan’Gess is far from all of this. On the southwestern edge of The Confederacy, it has always played a marginal role in the matters of the Queen. And now that the Eastern War is the reality of the day, and the Hordelands are once again active, Lan’Gess is at a further remove from the political interests of Ghalt. It is a placeholder, nominally there to watch over the far western reaches of The Confederacy. But it is a place with its own troubled history and few available resources. As such, it has little real influence beyond the border of the city, which means that the west remains nearly untouched and untroubled by the events of the past two years.

And that is why you are here. To the west, opportunity awaits. Away from the battles and the politics of the Eastern War. Away from the chaos of the resurgent Hordelands. To the west lies a simpler place, stuck in a simpler time. To the west lies Echeron.

Current Date – Unknown
Current Location – Unknown

Far Primus

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