Far Primus


Day 14 – Day 15

The party started a parlay with the Kuo-Toas guarding the beach. The quickly figured out the guards were bluffing and clumsily trying to set up an ambush. A fight soon broke out, and things looked grim for the adventurers. Krystigg and Rocky Clay were both felled in the battle, and their bodies were being dragged away. Luckily, another group of Kuo-Toa jumped in to save them. After the battle was done, and the two party members were brought back from the brink of death, the leader of the second group of Kuo-Toa introduced himself as Ploopploopeen, the Archpriest of the Sea Mother. Apparently, the party had stumbled in the middle of a religious war amongst the inhabitants of Sloobludop. In exchange for helping him bring down the cult of the Deep Father, Ploopploopeen agreed to aid the party in escaping across the Darklake.

They were taken into the shellfish city, and hidden away in Ploopploopeen’s hovel beneath the statue of the Sea Mother. There, they rested, recovered, and re-stocked, thanks to some help from Ploopploopeen’s acolytes and merchants. But, before they could be taken as a fake sacrifice to the Shrine of the Deep Father, Ploopploopeen’s son, Glooglugogg, managed to convince them to flee the city. He was sure that his father’s plan would fail, and helped the party escape so he couldn’t see it through. He snuck them down to the port, gave them a boat, and arranged a guide for them. As quickly as you can say seaweed sandwich, they pulled away from the pier, and were heading straight into the Darklake.

Unfortunately, getting away from Sloobludop was never going to be that easy…

Slowly Dying

Day 6 – Day 14

The party, along with their fellow escapees, ran from Lady Ilvara and her guardsmen. The fled near blindly through the unforgiving depths of the Underdark, struggling to keep even one step ahead of their pursuers. In their hurry, they ran into traps, ambushes and near starvation. Their Nyeshelt companion Sarith died along the way, while the twittering twins Topsy and Turvy disappeared sometime during their battle with toll-demanding Orogs. In the end, though, they made it. After almost two weeks of wandering, Buppido finally brought them to their destination. The grey-green glow of the Darklake was just within their reach.

Unfortunately, some familiar-looking guardsmen stood in their path. Armed Kou-Toa stood unblinking, watching over the only entrance to the lake below. Were they friend or foe? Their only clue would have come from their friend Shuushar, who had died during the escape.


Day 1 – Day 6

Krystigg, Hadd, Zee, and Rocky Clay had escaped with a handful of other slaves, but they were far from safe. Ignoring the lady Ilvara’s dire warning, they fled the prison cavern heading shale, narrowly avoiding a mysterious ooze in the process. After a few days of travel, however, they realized that they had merely swapped one life-threatening situation for another. Now, they were picking their way through unknown terrain, heading towards a mysterious underground lake, with only a few scraps of food between them. They needed to find a source of food and water, and quickly.

Luckily, on their fifth day of travel, three former prisoners found them. Sarith and the Topsy-Turvy twins somehow managed to escape after them, sneak past the party’s pursuers, and catch up to the resting group. They were exhausted, but they had a few days of food and water with them.

Together, they headed towards The Darklake.


What would you do if you were kidnapped, shackled, and stolen away to a great cavern under the earth? Some would curl into a ball and give up. Others would foolishly thrash and wail until they were tossed to the spiders. Our intrepid heroes, however, decided to sneak and connive their way to freedom. Zee, Hadd, and Krystigg had never met each other before, but together they hatched a cunning plan. They snuck a key off of a guard while they were doing hard labor, and systematically un-shackled all… most… of their cell-mates. They then led a revolt through the ledges, bridges, and guard houses of their prison. They managed to kill a number of guards, arm themselves, and sneak their way to the only escape from their jail: an elevator heading down. Unfortunately, the guardsmen eventually found out about their escapades and intervened. The party was trapped between a rock and empty space. They grit their teeth and held their captors off long enough the escape down the elevator. Unfortunately, a good number of their fellow prisoners didn’t make it.

In the end, Buppido, Stool, Jimjar, and an unspeaking dwarven monk escaped with the party.


2nd of Obad, 565 QC

With Dazzetaine Deepfury leading the way, the rest of the party (Therani Woodlight, Ilyan Durani, and Gorok) snuck through the remains of the dungeon. Fighting off baboons and snakes, they found another dead Cuthbertian, and rescued a live one: Brad. They discovered that Ishani Dhatri had been taken by a four-armed beast to something known as the Halls of Sacrifice. With Chad and Brad in tow, they snuck up a long and winding staircase that eventually opened into a huge vaulted temple set up as a hellish diorama representing the far limits of suffering. In trying to explore the room, they awakened old demons, one of whom, Tlazoteotl, demanded that they return the Promise that they had stolen. The party refused, and they nearly paid with their lives. Gorok was almost torn in half by an enraged Tlazoteotl, while Brad and Chad were dragged screaming into a burning hellscape by a spear-wielding salamander. The party was barely able to escape alive, almost giving up the Promise that they carried. They ran from the awakened demons and scrambled out of the dungeons, discovering that they were standing atop an ancient ziggurat in the middle of an unrecognizable jungle. Using the blessed char provided to them by the Heirarch, they opened a brief portal to what they hoped was the Bank of St. Cuthbert and stepped through, just as a swarm of demon-birds dove down upon them.

They were saved. For now.

Therani (dreaming)

I popped back into the portal room at the bank in a protective crouch, bow at the ready for my next shot. I’m pretty sure that arrow I loosed just before we transported landed in that demon bird thingy I was aiming for. At least I hopped it did. Bastards. The priests around us seemed pretty disturbed at our arrival. I certainly didn’t need to hear all those shouts in my ear. “Whoa!”, “You’re safe!”, “Don’t shoot!” etc. Come on now, who do you think we are? Professionals, that’s who. No respect. I will say it took me a moment to realize we weren’t about to be attacked by a swarm of demon birds, but don’t tell them that. I rose slowly out of the protective crouch I was in. Gracefully, of course, despite my wounds. I looked around. Good, everyone’s here and accounted for even if Daze still looks a bit… dazed. At least she’s not all bloody & disheveled like the rest of us. We do look pretty bad, but we’re all breathing so there’s that. More than we can say for Chad & Brad. Nice fellows if a bit prissy, they’ll be missed. I spot the Heirarch sweep into the room and take us in. He doesn’t look happy. Well, buddy, I’m none too happy myself. Those demons are going down as soon as we get some healing and more people to help fight. Especially Tlazoteotl, what a jerk. I mean really, does he need to be that big & tall? What’s he trying to prove? And what about the smaller magic dude he’s got buried in his chest? If that’s not cheating, I don’t know what is. I address the Heirarch calmly, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” He gives me a confused look. Clearly not a fan of pop culture. Whatever. He and the priests don’t seem in any hurry to come closer to us. “Any healers in the house?” Jeez, you’d think these people had never seen adventurers returning from a campaign. I can’t wait to get back to the ziggurat and take care of those sons of bitches once and for all. Maybe Ishani’s still alive despite missing an arm. One can only hope…


1st – 2nd of Obad, 565 QC

Soon after the party found Chad, Ilyan Durani recovered from his near-catatonic state only to reveal that he had been communicating with a being asking for Ilnedraw’s Promise. Ilyan and the rest of the party (Therani Woodlight, Gorok, and Dazzetaine Deepfury) backtracked to an earlier room to rest, recover, and think on what to do next. Daze also took the opportunity to nurse Chad back to health. They weren’t able to rest long before they were set upon by a bird-like demon looking for something that wasn’t theirs. They fought it off, only to have it turn into dust after it was slain.

They grew concerned about what it was, exactly, that they were carrying.

They delved further into the dungeon, eventually ending up in an ancient temple to an even more ancient god, Xipe. There, they encountered a being that claimed to be the shadow of the former deity. After a brief scuffle that nearly killed Ilyan, they parlayed, finding out a few useful nuggets of information from the mysterious being before going their separate ways.

And they pressed on…

The Poisoning

1st of Obad, 565 QC

With Ilyan Durani stuck in some sort of fever-dreaming state, Gorok and Therani Woodlight tried to press on. Luckily, Dazzetaine Deepfury caught up with them to bolster their party. She brought a new-found vigor, which pushed the party to delve further into the mysterious dungeon beyond the portal. They were rebuffed, redirected and recoiled by a number of doors, traps, and pits, but they pressed on. They were attacked by ancient sleepers, screaming undead, and glowing beetles, but they were always victorious. Eventually, they found themselves in a midden heap, the source of the poisonous air in the dungeons. There, they found the bodies of two Cuthbertian guards. One of them was still alive, and looked familiar. Chad!

The Portal

1st of Obad, 565 QC

Gorok, Therani Woodlight, and Ilyan Durani decided to forge ahead through the mysterious portal while Dazzetaine Deepfury stayed behind to confer with the Heirarch of St. Cuthbert. The priest of Moradin needed to learn more details about Ishani’s mission in order to facilitate their search. Without her divine aid, the party was determined to be careful. They stepped through the portal and found themselves in an ancient crypt. It smelled of dust and acid. There was no apparent return portal, so they had no other options but to press on. And press on they did. Through nefarious traps, flooded hallways, blocked doorways, and violent sea creatures bent on their destruction. All the while, they were slowly being poisoned by the stale air. They eventually found a secret exit through a cleverly disguised tunnel hidden in a fresco. However, they were unable to escape their slow poisoning, and it was hard to tell if they were any closer to escape. They were also yet to find any sign of Ishani or his brethren. Things were looking grim, but the party persevered…

End of the Year

4th of Nerull, 564 QC – 1st of Obad, 565 QC

With the Urgathoan Cultists stopped, and the threat of the Blood Veil receding, the party was finally able to take a breather. For the next two months, while the Quarantine was still in effect, the party rested, relaxed, studied in the Acadamae, and honed their various skills. During the end-of-the-year feast at the Stoneforge Guildhall, they ate and drank their fill and shared what they had learned about the city and each other. It was a fine time.

And it was unfortunately interrupted by a courier carrying an urgent message.

In it, they learned that Ishani Dhatri had led an expedition through a portal found in a hidden room in the recently cleared-out temple. Seven days had passed, and the priests had yet to hear from the expedition. The Bank of St. Cuthbert needed the party’s help. And as usual, the party accepted the offer.

The new year would not be a quiet one…

The Temple

4th of Nerull, 564 QC


Once the elevator stopped, the adventurers (Miles Fairchild, Gorok, Therani Woodlight, Ilyan Durani, and Dazzetaine Deepfury) found themselves below the Hospice, in much different surroundings. Frescoed murals of disease-ravaged cities adorned the walls, and the acrid smells of necrotic alchemy filled the air. Dressed in the garb of Queen’s Physicians, they stole their way through the hidden temple of Urgathoa, tricking and killing its inhabitants. By the time they got to the vaulted chamber housing the giant cooking vats, they were nearly spent. However, their trials were only just beginning.

Miles started the battle off with a monstrous ball of fire, igniting the catwalks above them. The blast knocked a surprised Dr. Davaulus and some priests down to the lower level. Things were looking promising in the early moments, but they quickly turned sour as more and more temple inhabitants spilled into the cooking chambers. Priests, zombies, demons, and vampires all came to the temple’s defense, nearly overwhelming the party. Things were looking grim before a well-places daylight spell shattered the Urgathoans’ front lines. With that, and the arrival of Ishani and his Cuthbertian reinforcements, the party was able to turn the tide. It was a drawn out battle, with many of the adventurers falling multiple times. The vampire and Dr. Davaulus (neĆ© Dr. Mortimer Blackweather) even managed to escape. However, in the end, Gorok disemboweled the Lady of the temple, and the Cuthbertian reinforcements felled the flea-breathing demon, with Ishani receiving a mortal blow in the process. All was quiet except for Ishani’s final dying breaths.

In her wisdom, Daze invoked the grace of Moradin to bring him back into the world of the living. Ishani opened his eyes with a gasp, and then smiled, for he knew that Ghalt had been saved.


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