Far Primus



5th – 12th of Fharl, 564 QC

When Glasstaff entered the Stonehill Inn, the crowd panicked. Fighting back their own surprise and a surging crowd, the party (Dazzetaine Deepfury, Miles Fairchild, Gorok, Therani Woodlight, and Sir Edward) brought the battle to Glasstaff and his Redbrands. After a few hairy moments, all of the ruffians were defeated. Glasstaff himself was run through by the bard who had been entertaining the crowd. The party later found out that her name was Shaela. SIldar was rattled by the evening’s events, and decided to leave to find Gunnar that night.

A few days later, the party was on its way to Cragmaw Castle, intent on finding Gundren. Shaela had tagged along. They found the ruined castle, and snuck into the front entrance only to be ambushed by nearly a dozen goblins and their corpulent leader. They managed to defeat the goblins, but not without suffering quite a bit of damage. They were forced to rest.



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