Far Primus

Next Steps

23rd – 28th of Fharl, 564 QC

The party (Gorok, Therani Woodlight, Sir Edward, Miles Fairchild, and Dazzetaine Deepfury) had managed to retrieve the fabled Brazier from mines of Kherrihm, but Shaela had betrayed them and made off with the Hands of the Holy. A mixed result, to say the least.

During the three-day trip back to Echeron, they had plenty of time to collect their thoughts and ponder their next steps. The Stoneforge brothers spoke to the party about the brothers’ upcoming trip back to Nall’Morangar, and the possibility of paying the adventurers to escort them there. Just before reaching Echeron, Sir Edward separated from the group. He was disappointed with his failure to retrieve the Hands for Heironeous, and vowed to chase down Shaela wherever she may be. His first stop would be Lan’Gess.

The party spent a couple of days in Echeron resting up, doing research, and selling off various items they had found in Kherrihm. On the evening of the 28th, they met with the Stoneforge brothers in the Stonehill Inn to talk about the specifics of their trip back to Nall’Morangar. During their meeting, a mysterious orc named Bolo showed up, claiming to know the location of their friend Sildar. Before the party could finish asking him questions, some of the Regent’s men showed up and a separate group of carnivorous plant-life started attacking the inn shortly thereafter. There was a sprawling battle that ended with a half-burned inn, a dozen innocents killed, and Bolo suffocated in the innards of a shambling mound. If there was something else Bolo had to say, the party would never know.

They decided to head off the next morning, escorting the Stoneforge brothers on their long trek back to the dwarves’ mountainous northern kingdom.


Miles Fairchild

Miles, feeling more reflective than usual as of late, has begun work on his memoirs. Working Title: “A Man of Vision, The Miles Fairchild Story.”

Notes for the return to Echeron chapter: Well, I got paid. Two hundred and fifty lousy gold for six weeks of near-death experiences. I suppose it wasn’t all bad. Not ready to write about her, though.

As it turns out, that Gnomish book I found is a first edition copy of “Burbrik Steamspanner’s Long Walk Along the Blind Path: An Illusionist’s Impeccable Guide to the Mysteries of the Unseen.” Quite rare, I gather. I’ll need to find someone to help me read the damn thing, though. Had a lovely dinner with Halia of Thornton. Very classy lady. Lots of wine. Accidentally burned down a tavern when it was attacked by monstrous living trees. Whoops! Oh, and I bought a horse. His name is Lucky.



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