Far Primus

Tresendar Manor

5th of Fharl, 564 QC

The party (Miles Fairchild, Gorok, Therani Woodlight, and Sir Edward) spent the entire afternoon investigating the Redbrand’s hideout underneath Tresendar Manor. They killed ruffians, helped some prisoners escape, saved a goblin, fed the Nothic, barely evaded a trap, and found innumerable secret doors and passageways. They were generally quite successful in their explorations. They even found Glasstaff’s laboratory and his papers, but were unable to pin down Glasstaff himself. He had somehow managed to escape to the surface. So they returned to the Stonehill Inn, where they met up with Sildar Hallwinter. He seemed put out by a recent meeting with Edward Y’Danves, and asked the party to continue the search for Gundren while he tracked down a missing friend of his. Before the deal could be settled, Glasstaff and some Redbrand thugs burst into the Inn looking for the party. Chaos was sure to ensue…




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