Far Primus

A Great Escape

12th of Olid, 561 QC

And the Forsaken escaped.

With the bloviating Bolthol leading the way, the prisoners crept, lied, and killed their way out of Branderscar. The barged into Branderscar Tower, killing the surprised warden. The snuck along the ramparts, and onto the gatehouse roof. While fighting off waves of guards, they managed to belay the ropes and climb down the gatehouse walls. In the process of fleeing, two of their number were cut down by arrows. However, before any more could fall, they managed to trick and kill the lone guard on the other side of the bridge, and force their way out through the gated entrance.

Now, outside of the prison walls, they have miles of brackish swamp to survive. With angry prisoner guards and dogs behind them, and a threatening swamp ahead of them, their options are dwindling. The manor may be their only hope… if they can make it…

12th of Olid, 561 QC

In the kingdom of Talingarde, many crimes may send one to Branderscar Prison, but the sentence has but one meaning. The guilty are wicked and irredeemable. Each has received the same greeting on arrival. Held down by rough hands and branded upon the arm with a runic F. The mark signifies forsaken and the painful scar is indelible proof that each has betrayed the great and eternal love of Heironeous and his chosen mortal vassals.

With the help of an unknown noble, the forsaken managed to sneak free of their chains and cells. They then released a fellow ogre prisoner named Grumblejack, and slaughtered all of the guards on their floor. They crept their way down to the lower levels of the prison keep, which was remarkably unguarded. They searched around, finding enough spare arms and armor to equip themselves and don the disguises of prison guards. They also ran into the ill-tempered Sergeant Blackerly, who they killed quickly, quietly, and without incident.

However, when they walked out of the keep fully equipped and disguised, their quiet times were over: a pack of kenneled dogs barked madly; a pointing, accusatory statue stood over them; and guards on the parapets above leveled bullseye lanterns down on them.

Dr. Mortimer Blackweather

Before Dr. Mort was unjustly arrested for a bit of harmless grave-digging, he ran an unpopular advice column in the local paper. Copied below is a recent edition:

Bedside Manner with Doctor Mort
A Weekly Advice Column on All Matters Phlegmatic, Choleric, Sanguine & Melancholic
by Mortimer Blackweather, A Doctor of Medicine

~ ~ ~

Dear Dr. Mort,
My stomach is most vexed. I spend my days squatting in the fields, crying for relief, or thee mercy of death. Is it a terrible spirit haunting my bowels?
- Squatting in Strathmont

Dear Squatting,
Almost certainly! Seek treatment from a qualified exorcist. To prevent a relapse, make a balm of fenugreek and owl grease and apply twice daily to the stomach area. If you don’t make your own owl grease, just ask your friendly neighborhood owl grinder.

Your Faithful Servant,
Dr. Mort

~ ~ ~

Dear Dr. Mort,
The leaches you prescribed some weeks ago prove ineffective, I am still bleeding. Darkness is all around. Death, is that you?
- Listless and leached

Dear Listless,
As my father, Dr. Blackweather Sr, is fond of saying, you can never use too many leaches! Trying doubling the number and make sure you have nice, uniform coverage over the genital areas. Don’t be shy! The leaches don’t mind.

Your Faithful Servant,
Dr. Mort

~ ~ ~

Dear Dr. Mort,
My vision becomes blurred. My work as a smith suffers. My longswords are crooked, my helmets don’t fit. I fear I will lose everything, and become a pauper.
- Blurry Blacksmith

Dear Blurry,
Think back and try to remember when the problem first started. If it was during a full moon, it’s likely you’ve offended a druid. Embark on a quest into the wilderness to find the druid and challenge he or she to ritual combat. Emerge victorious and the druid’s clanmother will be honor-bound to restore your vision. If the moon wasn’t full, you need glasses.

Your Faithful Servant,
Dr. Mort

The Harrowed Realm: Striding Fortress
Harrowed Realm, 71st Hour – ?
Devereau & Zassrion

After a much-needed rest in the Nightpeddler’s Tent, the party (Ra Quel, Eduard du Leon, Adanna Fionn, Finwick Shortwick, and Maya Foxtail) followed the tokens to a massive striding castle, roaming through the endless wastes of The Trackless Dearth. At the foot of the stomping keep, they encountered a pursuing Lord Brambleson. With his help, they ’ported themselves to the courtyard above, where they encountered a shriveled gnome and his diseased ogre minions. They made quick work of them, all the while being peppered from above by freezing arrows. In the middle of the battle, they lost track of Brambleson.

They then charged the front gates, and burst into a palatial room filled with silks, scantily clad women, a dancing dervish, and a masked courtier. These enemies turned out to be a trio of succubi, their missing friend, Horros Moonshadow (though evil, and dark-skinned), and the halfling they had been searching the breadth of the Harrowed Realm for: Devereau. There was a pitched battle in which Horros was curb-stomped, and Finwick and Eduard nearly had their souls sucked out by the Succubi. Devereau was damaged early, but managed to sneak away. After a struggle, the party defeated the remaining succubi, and made their way upstairs.

There, they finally encountered Zassrion, the massive draconic ruler of the Harrowed Realm, in his vault-ceilinged library. The battle was joined. After some early success, the party was pushed back, and badly hurt. Zassrion cornered Eduard and Adanna, tore into both of them, and left their nearly lifeless bodies bloody and still. In the meantime, Seeker snuck back and nearly assassinated Finwick with freezing arrows from the shadows. Things were looking grim for the party. However, with some last-second healing from Maya, they were able to turn it around. Adanna and Eduard were brought back from the brink, and Finwick saved himself by burning Seeker to death with a flaming sphere. Eduard made one last heroic blow with his lance, piercing Zassrion’s skull, and bringing his reign to an end.

As soon as Zassrion fell, the Striding Fortress began to fall to pieces around them. It was a mad scramble, but they managed to pull Rilrador’s Magnificent Thought from Devereau’s lifeless body, and to figure out how to use the golden telescope to escape back home. The last thing that Eduard saw before he shifted back to Far Primus was the walls of the Striding Fortress collapsing, revealing the endless desert around him.

The party came to in the same dull and dreary alley in Westcrown that they had originally left from, but the world around them had changed. Buildings were obliterated, and uncontrolled fires burned. They could hear the crash of battle, and the screams of the dying.

War had come to Far Primus.

The Harrowed Realm: Nearly There

Harrowed Realm, 62nd – 71st Hour

The party (Adanna Fionn, Finwick Shortwick, Ra Quel, Maya Foxtail, and Eduard du Leon) continued into the Sanguine Playhouse. Inside, they found chaos. An out-of-control fiddle was chased by a tiny cricket-man, enticing Maya to dance with wild abandon. Ra Quel was discovered as the newest lead actress in the Harrowed Realm, and nearly paralyzed by the honor. FInwick was almost destroyed again by Zassrion’s vengeful bishops, but managed to wake himself from the nightmare. Eduard charged and nearly single-handedly destroyed the Consipirator Twins inside the playhouse before they could lift a finger. Adanna brought the wrath of Pelor down on a blinded, wailing marionette. In the end, the party left with another token, and a few more stories to tell.

They then trekked on for over 8 hours; into the Trackless Dearth they went, chasing down the Nightpeddler. They found him and his slaves picking up camp, ready to move to their next location. After a few minutes of lunch and pleasantries in the Nightpeddller’s tent, Finwick pulled a card, and the battle was joined. There was an initial hiccup, but the party quickly turned the battle around, and the Nightpeddler was turned into a burnt smear in his own tent. After a bit of searching, they freed the captive slaves, and moved on.

They now have the final token; the path to the Striding Fortress lays before them.

The Harrowed Realm: God Save the Queen

Harrowed Realm, 41st – 62nd Hour

Unsure of the whereabouts of the missing Horros Moonshadow, the party (Adanna Fionn, Finwick Shortwick, Ra Quel, and Maya Foxtail) wearily decided to move on. They pressed forward to the Manmolds, hoping to arrive before any of the recently slain Conspirators could be re-made by Marzalee. After a few minutes of searching through the maze of the molds, they found the maker queen and her midwife toiling away in their grub factory. In an instant, the battle was joined, Powerful magics were deployed, and massive wax golems spilled out of boiling vats. There were some difficulties during the battle, particularly when Finwick was nearly engulfed by a roiling wax construct and saved at the last minute by Adanna’s holy might. However, the party handily defeated the inhabitants of the mold. After taking the token that they needed, and searching the remains of the Manmolds, they burned the building to the ground, hoping to silence the endless re-creation of the storykin.

After some rest and many more hours trekking through the Briar, they found themselves in front of the Sanguine Playhouse, the sound of a feverish fiddle wafting through the decrepit entrance doors.

Adanna Fionn

Finnwick is back with us and in full health, if not full spirits. Unfortunately he cannot recall any useful details about his abductors or where he was taken. Most importantly he did not see Horros, and does not know how he came into possession of the Harrow Deck Horros once held. My hopes of seeing Horros again are not high. My prayers to Pelor have led me to believe he is gone to some far away place we cannot reach. If Pelor wills he must be taken away from us, then so be it. I will always have faith in Pelor that she works for a greater purpose we can never fully understand. But I cannot disguise my sadness. And I cannot hide my tears.

Now all we can do is what Horros wanted. And that was to press on and be rid of Zasrean and this Pelor forsaken realm hastily. He grasped the consequences of the time shift in this world more than any of us, and we will honor his memory by heading his advice. So we left the Profit’s Garden and headed directly toward the Man Molds. To where Marzalay, the “Queen Mother,” reanimates the immortal Story-kin creatures.

Traveling through the Man-Molds was frustrating at first, requiring tedious navigation through an intricate maze of hallways and steam-traps. We eventually came upon the Queen Mother and her mid-wife, in a large room filled with vats and grubs. She noticed us, and battle commenced. Were it just the two of them, we would have defeated them easily using the Harrow Deck cards. Her slimy vat-creatures, however, were quite challenging and nearly suffocated half of us. But Pelor granted us victory, and we obtained Marzalay’s token, Sonoray’s hands, which she had turned into a magical bracelet.

After resting and traveling a bit, we stand now in front of the Sanguine Playhouse. From outside we can hear a vibrant violin performance drowning out whatever else is happening inside. This is where Balama and his Twin reside. They hold Sonoray’s skin, the seventh of eight tokens we need to get to Zasrean and Sonoray’s scarf. Beneditti once told us he found Balama and his Twin “very entertaining.” Coming from an evil sadist, this thought is not encouraging as we enter the front door…

The Harrowed Realm: A Friend Missing

Harrowed Realm, 32nd – 41st Hour

After defeating the Barrow King, the party (Adanna Fionn, Finwick Shortwick, Horros Moonshadow, and Maya Foxtail) were accosted by a loud, aggressive paladin named Algon. After some arguing and a few threats, they figured out that they were both after the same thing, and decided to team up to destroy Zassrion. And so, they made their way to The Prophet’s Garden to find Sonnorae. And find her, they did. The tongueless, eyeless Sonnorae managed to surprise the party, blasting them multiple times with horrifying cones if icy death. The party chased her around the decaying garden, Maya nearly dying in the process. Eventually, the party was able to put her down.

There was the briefest of pauses before the world went dark.

Laughing nightmares appeared from nowhere, and surrounded Finwick. Adanna dispelled the darkness just in time to see Finwick being teleported away by the shadowy horrors. Horros immediately drew a card from the Deck, disappearing as well. There were a few moments of chaos and confusion as Algon freaked out and Maya and Adanna tried to figure out what just happened. But, as quickly as he disappeared, FInwick re-appeared. He was sprawled unconscious on the ground, with sickly grey skin and shock-white hair, the remaining cards from the Deck clutched in his hands.

Horros, however, was nowhere to be found.

Horros Moonshadow

What is real is never threatened. What is unreal does not exist. Herein lies peace.

Adanna Fionn

I do not like this Algon. Pelor cannot favor him. Obviously she does not, as he would be more successful in his quest to kill Zasrean if she did. He is a dumb-witted brute who seems to never learn from his mistakes. I cannot respect a human who does not use his experience to his advantage. And what kind of self-proclaimed fighter of evil goes around killing defenseless gnome-weasels? His hypocrisy disgusts me. But we need all the help we can get to defeat Zasrean. And if that means using Algon’s talents in battle to our advantage, so be it.

We encountered Algon in the Demon’s Fen right after slaying the Barrow King. He charged toward us after he slayed the Mourning Crier, intent to shoot first and ask questions later. But using the Harrowed Deck we persuaded him to join our party instead, as we share the same mission. He led us through the Bramble to the Profit’s Garden, where we expected to encounter Sonoray.

I must admit I was surprised to find her so immediately hostile toward us. I had pictured her this poor defeated hag sitting alone in a Garden, waiting for someone to rescue her. But no. Without provocation, this horrible creature ambushed us with some of the most vicious sorcery we have encountered yet. Again using the deck we found aid from a magical unicorn nearby, who thanks to Maya’s direction saved my life.

I thought it was all over when Algon finally slayed the witch. But that was when the real nightmare began. A magical darkness descended suddenly over the Garden. I cast Pelor’s light just in time to witness Finnwick’s abduction by what appeared to be evil demons in black cloaks. Horros’ response was swift and gallant, as always, as he managed to grapple one of these Demons before it could escape. Via Zone of Truth we gathered this demon was one of Zasrean’s Bishops, but could learn no more.

With no other recourse Horros pulled the Inquisitor Card from the Deck. In an instant he disappeared from site. A long minute later, Finnwick’s body appeared, aged and unconscious. In hysterics we called out for Horros, with only silence in return. I fear we have lost him forever.

The Harrowed Realm: More Harrowing

Harrowed Realm, 16th – 32nd Hour

After slaying the Tick-Tock Man, the party (Adanna Fionn, Finwick Shortwick, Horros Moonshadow, Ra Quel, and Eduard du Leon) took some time to recuperate and study his mechanical wall. They discovered a few things about the Tick-Tock Man’s domain. First, that the entire mountain was a massive clockwork machine that maintained the rhythm of the realm, and without the maintenance of the Tick-Tock Man, that rhythm would slowly fall into disorder. Second, that the Harrowed Realm was indeed moving at a slower pace then their home realm. In fact, for every day that passed in this realm, 99 days passed at home. This discovery concerned the party and encouraged them to move a lot faster.

And move they did. They headed south, towards the Demon’s Fen and the Barrow King. On the way, they could see early signs of the Tick-Tock Man’s death. The world’s sun was stuck at high-noon, and seemed to be unmoving, even after hours of trekking through the briar. They also ran into a precocious Lord Brambleson. After some diplomacy and even more tomfoolery, they convinced the Lord of the Brambles to give up his token, as well as his giant puppy. Shortly after he did, the rhythm changed again, and the moon jammed into place in front of the sun, spawning an unending harrowing horde of undeath. The flood of the lifeless was finally stopped when Finwick teleported high into the sky to destroy the moon with a powerful blast of arcane fire.

And the party moved on.

They eventually made it to the Demon’s Fen. They sweet-talked their way past Mourning Choir, the sorrowful guardian serpent of the bridge to Barrow Island. Once on the island, they faced down the Barrow King. Powered by his blind rage, and aided by the thousand grasping hands of the dead, the Barrow King nearly destroyed Eduard and his new mount. They were saved only by the heroic efforts of his newfound party members. In the end, the Barrow King was slain.

The haunting song of the Fen only rang louder in their ears.

Adanna Fionn

We cannot stop time. Although we now possess the Tik Tok man’s magical hand, a Chime of Opening, and token, Sonoray’s Eyes, the mechanics of the Caldera tick onward despite our best efforts. It is disheartening. But we shall press forward for now, and worry about time later.

This is not to say that our removal of the Tik Tok man has not significantly altered the realm’s order, however. As we traveled South in the new direction the Tokens pulled, we noticed the sun did not change its midday position for hours. Then, all of a sudden, the moon eclipsed the sun, and all the Hells broke loose. Until Finnwick managed to literally obliterate the moon, we had to face a re-appearing onslaught of undead. He almost died in the process, but ended the battle heroically.

Lord Brambleson evaded the fight. But with Pelor on our side, we did not need him. We encountered Brambleson by chance shortly before the eclipse, scolding an extremely large puppy near a rainbow colored house in a pleasant meadow, which turned out to be his relocatable home. Though he brusquely challenged us for his token, Sonoray’s Feet, we were able to obtain it from him diplomatically before significant blood was shed.

And I am grateful to Pelor it happened so. For he turned out to be a very genial and enlightened fellow. He admitted shame and sorrow for having been a part of Sonoray’s betrayal. He even described her as a beautiful bard full of lovely song. I could have talked to him for days. But with time against us, good company is not a luxury we have to enjoy.

For we had to press onward to the Hells. Or the closest to it I have yet encountered. The Demon’s Fen is a swampy filthy place, desecrated by restless undead, ruled by the hate-filled Barrow King. Or was, before we triumphed over him and his grasping demons. And it will be again, once he returns from the Man Molds, as the Conspirators are immortal, in a way.

But for now we must fulfill our purpose of coming here and obtain his token from his corpse. That will make four tokens collected thus far: Sonoray’s Tongue, Eyes, Feet, and now Heart. Our greater purpose is to collect all of her tokens, in order to obtain the final direction pointing to Zasraen, as “all tokens point toward the scarf” according to Lord Brambleson. Pelor bless that creature. I pray we encounter more like him in our journey through this strange world.

Who I pray we do not see again is the Mourning Crier. I hesitate to even mention the winged serpent, for she still puts me at unease. We came upon her blocking the path to the Barrow King’s haunted island, crying and singing eerily. As we conversed, she called us friends in a false tone, asked us to sing with her, and claimed it was she who had betrayed Sonoray, that the Barrow King only carries the burden of betrayal for her. She allowed us passage without confrontation, but what she said disturbs me. For even as we stand now over the slain Barrow King, the Mourning Crier’s song grows louder.

Horros Moonshadow

Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.
The Harrowed Realm

Harrowed Realm, 1st – 16th Hour

The party (Adanna Fionn, Finwick Shortwick, Horros Moonshadow, and Ra Quel), having defeated the silver-tongued Bernaditi, freed the halfling, and began to ask a few questions. The halfling, Eduard du Leon, had a story that was hard to believe. Apparently, he was a noble, long since believed to be dead, from a kingdom long since decayed. Finwick was actually familiar with Eduard, and could corroborate some of his story. He knew a few things that were helpful to the rest of the party, and agreed to join them in their search for Zassrion, for he had a few questions of his own he would ask.

After feeding Bernaditi an elixir of truth, and interrogating him for a few minutes, they were able to confirm what Biyo had already told them. In order to find Zassrion, they would need to find the other Conspirators of the Realm, and take the tokens they had stolen from Sonnorae. Only then could they find the scarf hidden in Striding Fortress.

And so, the party went searching for the Ticktock man. After roaming the endless brambles of the realm for 12 hours, they were able to find the lone mountaintop that was his home. They easily fought and negotiated their way through the caldera’s defenses, eventually ending up in the Ticktock’s man shop. There, next to the endless mechanical rhythm of the Ticktock Wall, the party accosted the Conspirator. It was long battle, but they wore him down. With a final ferocious axe strike, Ra Quel ended the Ticktock Man’s life, and the rhythm of the Realm stopped.

Horros Moonshadow

The trouble is, you think you have time.

Eduard du Leon

Three hundred years. I’ve been dead for three hundred years, or so they tell me. Whether true or a lie, one thing is certain: this is my punishment, and I deserve it.

I will not discard what honor remains me by giving into despair. I may be dead but I am still the Lion of Kyndale, and a Cavalier of the Paw.

I will find this Zassrion and learn what I can. And when I do, I will “thank him” for the “gift” he gave me. I am being strongly sarcastic.

My newfound companions are strange and brutish — they fight with all the grace and strategy of a mob of children chasing a greased pig — but after an eternity of loneliness and starvation followed by a second eternity of torture and humiliation, I welcome them. And while lacking military discipline, they have individual strengths: the cleric is kind, wise, and a powerful healer. The halfling isn’t really Order of Paw material, if you get my drift, but he seems quite adept at magic, and is well-read, to boot. The monk is lightning fast, and sees things others do not. The barbarian woman… well, we’ll see. I’m sure she has many positive qualities.

It feels good to hold a lance again.

I miss Hugo. He was a damn good dog.

Adanna Fionn

It worked. The Elixir of Truth led to that vile Beneditti spilling his guts. It turns out BO was right, Beneditti despises Zasrean. His spite derives from an apparent unequal sharing of the spoils after the conspirators betrayed and banished their creator, Sonoray. Whereas Beneditti got her tongue, enabling him to lie masterfully, and the other lords got pieces of her granting them powers as well, Zasrean got her scarf. This scarf is special, as it allows the wearer to “see things beyond this world.” This undoubtedly is how Zasrean contacts our native plane, and likely how he transported Deveroe’s body to Story-kin.

It seems this is also how Edward, our newest acquaintance, came to be in Story-kin as well. Careful to correct us if we mispronounce his title, Sir Edward of the Southern Paw called to Zasrean as he lay dying, scorched by a dragon while on a mission to the Dwarven city of Carem. He claims he did not know what he was doing or why, that he was just following the vision of a mysterious woman he had known years before. He laid with her in sin as a younger man and never saw her again, but as a keepsake carried with him the deck of cards she had given him, cards identical to those in our Harrow Deck. In his last breath, she came to him and whispered “you must give into him Edward, Zasrean is your only chance.”

Despite his haughty nature, we easily pitied and welcomed Edward after Finnwick informed him of some harsh realities. Not only had Edward led to the death of his family and the deterioration of the Southern Vale by not reaching Carem, but whereas Edward thought he had only been in Story-kin for 3 months, in fact 300 years had passed in our world. He was distraught, and then intent on joining us to confront Zarean.

We are distraught as well, as we now realize we are in danger of a fate similar to Edward’s – because for every moment we spend in this realm, time flies exponentially in Far Primus. Because of this we sought out the Tik-Tok man, one of the eight conspirators. He is in possession of Sonoray’s eyes, enabling him to oversee the running of the realm, the changing of the seasons. And, we hope, the power to delay or even stop time.

Beneditti admitted he had no intention of leaving the Midnight Circus, and no interest in warning the other lords of our existence. He also promised under the Elixir of Truth to no longer torture his servants if we left BO Venna as his companion. And Beneditti’s token was pulling us in the direction of the Caldera anyway, so we headed through the Briar toward the Tik Tok man. We experienced a bit of difficulty entering the Volcanic bastion, until Horros pulled the appropriate cards from our Harrow Deck, easing our way in. We eventually defeated the Tik Tok man after a tiresome battle, and stand here now in his lair trying to decide what to do next…

Ra Quel


The Harrow Deck

3rd of Olid, 561 QC – ?

After defeating Devereau, and losing him to a pocket dimension, the party (Adanna Fionn, Finwick Shortwick, Horros Moonshadow, Maya Foxtail, and Ra Quel) decided to rest up before following him. Borgakh decided to leave, heading back north to Kyzyl Kum, her forgotten home. The rest of the party recuperated in a Rope Trick, and spent a few more hours on last minute preparations before Adanna shifted them all across planar boundaries. The shift was supremely disorienting, and they ended up in a strange, oversaturated plane, the Harrowed Realm. They popped into existence near a fading circus, and were immediately attacked by clown-painted crows. They easily defeated the avian bullies, saving a small gnome named Biyo Venna in the process. Biyo told them a bit about the world, full of storykin and conspirator lords. They decided to investigate the carnival further, and question Bernaditi, it’s crocodile-faced lord. An unexpected series of battles ensued, featuring a juggling giant, bears on unicycles, diplomacy, bravery, grandiose performances, lightning bolts, and a raucous crowd. In the end, the party forced Bernaditi to yield. He gave up his token: a garnet and gold pendant, and an important key in the Harrowed Realm. He also gave up the halfling that he had been holding prisoner on a spinning knife wheel.

FInally, the party found out that Devereau was most likely being held by Zassrion, The Patchwork Lord, in a Striding Fortress that roamed the realm.

Ra Quel


Adanna Fionn

We have literally just arrived in the Harrow Realm, and yet so much has happened already. It’s almost as if time is going by much slower in this world than in our native plane…

Immediately after teleporting, a physically disturbing experience to say the least, we were attacked by Tengu. Those humanoid-bird-soldier-type beings were intent on taking us out, but we thwarted their attempts easily. They had just recently injured a gnome-weasel, who after a bit of Pelor’s healing introduced himself quite charismatically as BO Venna. He provided essential information about this world, which he calls Story-kin, the details of which I must remember to notate when we have more time. Coincidentally he had just come from the fortress where Zasrean presides, and referenced seeing a half-ling (who by BO’s description could only have been Deveroe) recently entering the premises. BO disapproves of Zasrean’s habit of what he calls “absorbing” his prisoners into himself. So he came to where we are now, the Midnight Circus, to speak with Beneditti, one of the Lords, aka “Conspirators,” of Story-kin.

Beneditti…the nerve of that devilish Raksasha, to speak to me in such a manner. Everything about him offends me, from his sadist nature to his condescending tone. It is shameful he abuses his influence for his appalling “entertainment” purposes, when he could be using his intellect for the greater good. But no matter. Pelor will judge him when his time comes. And he has already surrendered and offered us his Token, supposedly his source of power. Now we need only evade his exquisite talent for deceit. I’ve been looking forward to using my Elixir of Truth for some time now. Perhaps I will get him that cup of tea…

Back to Westcrown

29th of Fharl – 3rd of Olid, 561 QC

After the battle, the party (Adanna Fionn, Finwick Shortwick, Horros Moonshadow, Maya Foxtail, and Ra Quel) set about securing the rest of the temple. There was some initial difficulty in controlling Borgakh, who was a mess after discovering that her surrogate mother had been killed. However, with some gentle coaxing, they got her under control.

With the temple finished, Grakar Foechuckle decided to part ways with the group. He convinced Bala to travel with him and Poppy Weatherbee deeper into Radav Oldranon to learn more about the machinations of the Jade Army. He promised he would stay in contact, and let the party know what he learned.

Finwick transported the rest of the party back to Risz with a series of quick teleport jumps, accomplishing in 3 days what had previously taken the party over 2 months. For the final jump, both FInwick and Maya transported the entire party into Devereau’s office, ambushing him. He was unable to escape, and it was a massacre. In less than a minute, Devereau lay dying in a pool of blood, with a murderous Borgakh standing over him. With his final breath, Devereau called out to someone named Zassrion, and his Harrow Deck spun out of his hands, arcing with cold blue lightning. There was a flash, and Devereau was gone, transported to a strange demiplane that the party later discovered was attached to the deck.

They were left with much to think about.

Adanna Fionn

It weakens my heart to be reminded of how wicked the world can be. Death, deceit, the heartbreak of seeing your friends experience personal loss…

We found Ra Quel’s cousin, Radungun, blind and emaciated in the depths of the Temple’s dungeon. The eyes are greatly respected in their culture, so to have both taken from him in addition to the torture he no doubt suffered left him without the will to live. I prayed for his soul while Ra Quel laid him to rest. It must have pained her emotionally, but she did not let it show.

Borgak found her mother, Mia, murdered in the depths of the Temple. She would not settle until she recovered the remains, and refused any discussion of reanimating Mia’s corpse. In retrospect it was heartless of us to have asked. Understandably distraught, she was quite reserved afterward. I had hoped her turmoil would ease after the burial, but she only became more distant, and intent on confronting Deveroe.

In truth we were all quite anxious to confront him. After consideration, it made no sense to try to talk to him again. He had lied to us so successfully so many times before. So with divine insight and careful planning, we were able to ambush him in his office. I don’t know if it was our intention to kill him outright, and Borgak was probably acting purely on adrenaline, but the swift battle ended with her bashing his head against the wall of his secret lair. Unfortunately but not surprisingly this only furthered her emotional burden, and afterward she lay shuddering next to Deveroe’s dying body. He was indirectly responsible for her mother’s death, but he was the closest thing she had to a father.

I must make haste and rush this entry though, as we are headed to another plane of existence. While he lay dying, Deveroe called out to someone named Zasrean, saying “I am ready now.” Then tortured screams and lightening rays absorbed his body, leaving only his deck of cards. The deck, covered in conjuration magic, turned out to be a harrowing deck, used by Arcanist’s for divination. This deck seems to be associated with a particular Demi-Plane, and is usable only there.

In answer to my previous divination, Pelor answered “with great care we may achieve surprise.” Following her guidance, we caught Deveroe off-guard, and defeated him easily. Regarding the location of The Magnificent Thought, she answered “he guards the secret close.” We must trust in Pelor that Deveroe kept the book on him at all times. None of us have experienced extra-planar travel before. But we must now travel to Zasrean, for Pelor wills it so.


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