Far Primus

Zander's Secret

5th – 8th of Corell, 560 QC
After accepting Councilman Thomeri’s request for help, the party (Ra Quel, Horros Moonshadow, Adanna Fionn) got more details from Constable Heggry, the commander of the Lan’Gessian city guards, also known as the Crows. According to Heggry, there had been a handful of mysterious building collapses throughout the city, with rumors of large creatures and gruesome deaths. The party investigated the first of these collapses, at the home of a Sulm Zander. Underneath the building’s wreckage, they found a series of catacombs ending in a strange altar and a few rotting bodies. While in the catacombs, they were briefly endangered by a vicious ghoul. They also found a cache of journals and books that hinted at dark things afoot. They spent a few days pouring over the documents, trying to piece together the clues when Ra Quel decided to pursue one of the leads by herself. When she returned from her investigations with an addled mind, a collapsing body, and feverish stories of nightmare beasts, the party knew what they had to do next.

After responding to a fresh building collapse in the morning, they headed for the asylum.
Horros Moonshadow

Lack of patience in small matters can create havoc in great ones.

Adanna Fionn

We have a name for the “Dark Lord”: Solm Zander. It seems he, along with a group calling itself “the keepers of the oldest” summoned this single horror that is destroying the city of Lan’Gess one building at a time. Constable Heggry led us to the ruins of the most recent collapsed building, which belonged to Zander; it seems he was known to the community as a scholarly shopkeeper who kept mostly to himself.

Through the ruins we found a trap door leading to an underground space with tunnels and an ancient cavern. There we found the corpse of the extraplanar messenger we had encountered in Hell’s Canyon, along with 2 other dead bodies. While searching, we were attacked by a ghoulish creature, who were it not for Pelor’s favor would have taken my life.

The search proved worth it though, as we were able to retrieve multiple clues and valuable items. All together there are five “keepers of the oldest” who seemed to have released this unholy creature in hopes of increasing their dark power: Glenn Barkerwell (deceased), Solm Zander (killed by the building’s collapse), Arlend Hive, Ruppin Meyer, and Walter Crove.

Hopefully Margarick Shorestone, a half-ling scholar, can help us translate the books we found in the debris from Zander’s shop. But for now, we must find the remaining three keepers. And since Ra quel left her favorite weapon of mass destruction in Walter’s Crove’s asylum, there we shall go.

To Lan'Gess

2nd of Kord – 5th of Corell, 560 QC
The party (Ra Quel, Horros Moonshadow, Adanna Fionn, and Grakar Foechuckle) parted ways with Gunnar. While he went off to deliver the prisoners and begin his infiltration of the Orc tribes, the party headed back to Echeron. Murray Redwing decided to leave the group and return to the Astillican to make good on his promise to Rheanille. Upon arrival in Echeron, the party was informed that they would need to escort Devesson Thomeri back to his father, Councilman Tomás Thomeri, in the city of Lan’Gess. They spent nearly a month making the trip, encountering a few difficulties and traveling their way through a mix of small towns and further into The Confederacy proper. The eventually found themselves in the swampy city on the banks of the yawning Ghaor River. There, they met with the Councilman and discovered that Lan’Gess was in the middle of an unexplained crisis.
Horros Moonshadow

Do not speak – unless it improves on silence.

Adanna Fionn

I find myself distracted. Pelor grant me the concentration to continue. I have not been to temple since Echeron and I feel disconnected from she who is all to me. I pray the effects of Lord Zander are not already upon us; for we are in Lan’Gess, where he who Thomeri refers to as Solm Zander is thought to be. Of course this is the Lord Zander we have been meaning to identify, and it seems he is responsible for the disturbance that now consumes Lan’Gess.

I could only venture here after ensuring Hell’s Canyon and the door that my intuition tells me is the Blind Path remained secure. Heran Zoaldavis assured me it was, and asked if we would accompany Devison back to Lan’Gess at the behest of this father, Councilman Thomeri. Echeron would fear Thomeri’s retribution through his connections to Adarra, Queen of the Confederacy, if we did not comply, so to Lan’Gess we went. Except for Raquel making a brash decision along the way, as is her nature, the trip was fairly uneventful. Say what you will, she never ceases to entertain.

Thomeri has offered a reward for investigating the mysteriously crumbling buildings, and for the rest of my companions that is reason enough to proceed. They seem preoccupied with material desires, oblivious to the spiritual fulfillment of giving oneself completely to the one true God. Horros and Greckar have bonded in their shopping adventures, and Raquel seems less irritated each time she returns from the market. Her new hawk brought the first smile to her face I had seen in weeks. And this does give me joy, as I have developed familial feelings towards them all (even Greckar, though I sense his thoughts of my female figure are often of an impure nature). But I will continue to impress upon them the teachings of Pelor, even if that means disappointing Horros by not loaning him gold.

Perhaps it is Murray’s sudden departure that has me so preoccupied. If he were not leaving us to go back to the Astillican, perhaps I would not be so concerned. But all that awaits him there is a life of addiction and hedonism. I do not trust the substances he ingests so dependently and the earthly pleasures no doubt this Reniel promises. And he took that ring of divination with him as well. Such a waste of mind and magic.

I am distracted again. I must focus on my notations and prayer. And I must focus on the mission at hand; for this is a divine mission. Good versus evil. I fight for all that is Holy, and Lord Zander’s day of reckoning is near.

To the Fort!

30th of Pelor – 2nd of Kord, 560 QC

While the party (Ra Quel, Horros Moonshadow, and Adanna Fionn) were cleaning up after their defeat of the Thorn Ford bandits, they were approached by a couple of strangers: a human named Durant, and a precocious gnome named Grakar Foechuckle. After a bit if discussion, they discovered that the strangers were in fact bounty hunters who had infiltrated the Stag Lord’s inner circle, and were planning the destruction of the bandits just as the party was. They agreed to join forces, and traveled together back to the fort. They convinced the bandits inside to allow them past the palisades with a combination of guile and alcohol. Once inside, a massacre quickly began, in which the Stag Lord was killed in his sleep, and a large owlbear was put down before it could wreak too much havok. After the bandits were dealt with, the party corralled all of their stolen goods (with a bit of underground trouble) and settled down for a decent night’s rest. While they were resting for the evening, they discovered that Durant was actually none other than Gunnar, the ranger for whom they had been searching for almost a month. Gunnar had limited knowledge about Tondar’s Prophecy, knowing only that it had something to do with the Blind Path, an ancient test mentioned in orcish lore. He was aware of one other who might know more about the Blind Path: Devereau, an older halfling adventurer currently hiding out in Westcrown, the capitol of Risz.
Horros Moonshadow

The obstacle is the path.

Ra Quel

30th of Palor
We explore the bandit’s camp. We help ourselves to the money (finder’s fee) and agree for the stolen goods to be returned to Oleg. But the real fun began when we interrogated the hostage. This time I got to ask questions. Actually I interrupted with my questions because I am alomst never allowed to ask questions by my companions though I don’t why- hostages cry more when I do the questioning. While we were interrogating, two figures approach us: one human, one gnome. They seemed friendly, as in not evil or trying to kill us, so we made a temporary working arrangements with them. We help them wipe out the Stag Lords and they help us find Gunnar. (Note to self- ask Adonna why we need Gunnar again. If it’s not a killing reason, I forget.) In the evening, they all had a great time strategizing. How they can be so entranced with details, I have no idea.

1st of Kord
We march through the forest to a fort. For the first time, I’m in the back. My companions must have been feeling brave not to need me as a human shield anymore or maybe they were trying to impress our new friends. They went in under the guise of allies. That was a waste of time. They were discovered almost immediately. Good thing I managed to kill one and severely injure another before the whole fort began to attack us. I heard Adonna screaming for help and I raged with the anticipation of the battle. My enemy was another barbarian. I’m not sure which tribe he was from but it didn’t matter- I have no tribe alliances. When I was done winning, I kept his tooth for a prize.
After we took control of the fort, we searched it. Things were at a good pace until we reached the basement. No one wanted to go in- I had to insist on it. We were calling ourselves warriors but scared of a dark basement? This did not make sense to me. When it was my turn to go in, I felt squishing under my feet- I was trapped. I hate magic. When the lights went on, I saw the most miserable, horrifically ugly creature in my face. This was immediate grounds for rage, and when I was done winning, there was hidden gold to count.


20th – 30th of Pelor, 560 QC

The party (Ra Quel, Horros Moonshadow, Murray Redwing, and Adanna Fionn) finally arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post, and were curtly welcomed by the proprietor. After some cajoling, they were able to get Oleg to confess about his bandit problems. During the days preparing for the monthly bandit arrival, they were unexpectedly attacked by a werewolf that seemed to know them. When the bandits finally arrived a few days later, the party easily handled them. In the process, they captured, interrogated, and executed one of the bandit officers, a smarmy human named Happs. With his intel, they were able to immediately track down the bandits to their camp, a day’s ride north along the Golgan Mountains. They managed to completely wipe out the camp, capturing one of the bandits, and allowing another to escape north on a horse.

Murray Redwing

After a few weeks of hiking we came upon Oleg’s trading post where Rheanille had intimated that Gunnar had gone to help his friend. After many a beet and much sharing of the pipe weed, Oleg finally admitted that he did indeed require help with some bandits but, oddly enough, he had neither sent for Gunnar nor seen him recently.

There was only one other visitor when we arrived, a quite and pious man named Jod. He wore an amulet bearing transmutation magic but before we could discover more he had already left. Adana piqued his interest with talk of our previous encountered with werewolves and he made haste towards the valley eager to encounter and slay the wicked creatures.

We spent the next two weeks preparing to battle the bandits that had been raiding Oleg of his stores and insulting his, well, let’s just say “fair” wife. Within a few days a large man took shelter in the trading post; his presence was hard to miss but Adana seemed to take particular notice of the new visitor. With her usual persistence she asked him a barrage of questions until very suddenly transforming into a giant werewolf, wielding a giant sword in his claws and speaking of revenge for his fallen comrades. After an intense battle we were able to subdue the creature and amongst his belongings found an amulet strikingly similar to the one that Jod had been wearing. Did Jod suffer a less-than-successful fate on his quest? And did we face more than just dire wolves back in the valley?

The following week was relatively peaceful. While Ra Quel made up for years of backlogged errands around the trading post I replanted local thorns in the courtyard. Eventually Adana and I spent time studying the magical items we had collected over the past few weeks, learning that the ring that Rheanille had bestowed upon me was in fact a Ring of Sacred Mistletoe, its Shillelagh-granting powers a welcome addition.

Right on schedule the bandits arrived at the beginning of the next month, but they were ill-prepared for more than a cowering Oleg. As soon as they entered the post I raised up the translated thorns, entangling the bandit’s horses and giving us a significant advantage. Two bandits quickly escaped but the rest were quickly dispatched. We even had the luxury of capturing one for interrogation: the ladies took particular luxury in searching him for hidden weapons. The bandit camp was not far and we decided to take the fight to them before those that fled could return with greater numbers.

A few hours outside the fort we found the camp, exactly as our captive had told. With little prepared for a stealth assault we charged, drawing out more bandits and a welcome battle. We dispatched all but one of the greater bandits who escaped on horse and began back towards the trading post. Gunnar was nowhere to be found and Rheanille had some questions to answer.

The Astillican


5th – 20th of Pelor, 560 QC

The party (Ra Quel, Horros Moonshadow, Murray Redwing, and Adanna Fionn) continued their trek through the Golgan Mountains, eventually finding themselves in a deep valley overrun with wolves. They spent a full evening running from, communicating with, and battling a large roving pack. They were able to do enough damage to drive them off, but Raquel was nearly eviscerated in the process. They hastily made their way out of the valley, and continued on their journey. They found the rumored location of the Astillican a few days later, and were accosted by a pair of massive sabre-toothed tigers. Murray was able to communicate with them, and was led away by one. He returned a few hours later with a hazy story, a muddled mind, and directions for how to find Gunnar. With few other leads, the party followed the mysterious instructions for eight days, eventually arriving at a remote outpost somewhere along the Golgan’s northern foothills.
Adanna Fionn

We found ourselves in yet another cave; this one in the Golgan mountains after narrowly escaping some vicious vines and a torrential storm. It was there we first felt the effects of our Warders’ rings, needing only two hours of sleep to feel rested and much less sustenance than normal.

The weather continued to improve throughout our journey, which helped us in our fight against a wolf pack led by a massive, ten-foot-tall wolf. Horros attempted to take one as a companion afterwards. But as predicted by the rest of us, that plan did not work out as he had hoped. And poor Raquel suffered the consequences.

Near the end of our journey down the mountains we met a magical, larger-than-life, saber-toothed tiger. It stood as gatekeeper of a beautiful, serene clearing that seemed to be an area of sanctuary. Another life-sized leopard, which we found out later to be the spirit of Rheanille, led Murray into the sanctuary. The rest of us were not allowed entrance.

Leaving us with the enchanted tiger for almost four hours, Murray returned with information from Rheanille. Apparently, Gunnar had left on sudden notice to help a friend in an emergency. He left Rheanille with directions for us on how we could find him. Another few days’ journey led us to the end of a river, where we found the first sight of civilization that we had seen in weeks.

Murray was very proud of a ring given to him by Rheanille, one twisted into a crown of thorns and potentially with magical ability. He insisted that nothing inappropriate had happened in the time he spent with Rheanille, but suspiciously forgot the details, and insisted that we return to see her after we saw Gunnar. I made it very clear that next time he chooses to go off on an interlude of a questionable nature, he needs to consider his friends first, and more importantly, what Pelor would think.

Murray Redwing

With the Warder rings providing us with added stamina we pushed through the valley, following the river for safety until Horros noticed that we were being followed. Although we attempted to prepare we were quickly beset by wolves and in a desperate gamble for safety turned into a tree. Well, at least one of us did. It was pretty chill until Raquel had to ruin everything by cutting off my pipe with her axe.

Horros captured one of the wolves with the intention of taming it, but it spoke of an army of brothers and domestication was going to be the least of our worries. Despite making haste through the night we were attacked by an even larger pack, this time lead by a dire wolf. The resulting battle was long, but we were able to persevere with the assistance of an Earth elemental and Adana’s magic spiritual beacon of female empowerment.

With victory came dawn and a respite from violence. We eventually reached a peaceful grove where we encountered a large saber toothed cat that, although not accepting of my communal pipe, did not prove to be an enemy. I proceeded ahead of the group and was met by a second tiger, this one smaller and albino. She lead me deeper into the grove as I tried to signal the others to join me. I do not know why they didn’t follow, but they missed a most magical view shared by the tiger who seamlessly transformed into Rheanille. Like the mountain, I think.

She told of Gunnar’s recent departure to assist his friend and gave directions where we might find him. As I left she gave me a ring and requested my return after meeting Gunnar. Sadly, Adana quickly spoiled the mood with her usual pleasantness. Following our new directions we traveled for a few days before arriving at the trading post where we were told we might find Gunnar.

Ra Quel

5th Day of Pelor
After the horrible plant attack, we sought safety in a nearby cave. As usual, Murray lit his pipe up and passed it around. As un-usual, we did not feel tired or hungry. I wondered what the reason was for our unusual alertness despite just being one of strangest battles. Adanna said that it must be our Warder’s rings. We were experiencing “viligence.” Cool.

6th Day of Pelor
Early in the morning, we continued our journey to find Gunnar. Horros was behind us, interested in the wood noises. I thought nothing of it but Adanna and Murray, were also interested. The three of them convened, something was up. They thought demons were following. They couldn’t decide whether to run or to confront them. I was all for taking them out. A wolf appeared a moment later. Demons, really- I’d take a wolf any day over a demon. Murray freaked and tried casted a spell on the wolf. Adonna casted a spell but on herself. What was with the spells? It was just a little wolf. I casted a one level swing of my ax and decapitated the wolf. Just. Like. That.

But then, another one that ran towards me. I saw the rest of the pack popping up into sight. Where they there the whole time? The wolves targeted our most vulnerable point, i.e. Murray. Adanna and Horros began to chase after them, doing what looked like they were… reprimanding them? Oh geez. I got this. I chopped off one of the wolves’ head. One down, four left. Wouldn’t you know, just then, Murray turned into a tree? I didn’t know he could do that! It was enough to distract me in mid swing and clip a branch. Hoped it didn’t hurt. Adanna attacked another wolf, which turned it to jelly. I was impressed yet again. People were getting creative. One wolf was left and we were almost done with our work, when Horros stepped up to claim him for a pet. That wasn’t so impressive. Not even the captive wolf was impressed. After much bartering and basically begging, Horros convinced me to help him carry the wolf.

It wasn’t long before sounds of movement in the trees were heard again. This time a direwolf with glowing red eyes appeared before us. I put Horros’ wolf down and put myself ahead of the rest, ready for the new battle. A wolf bounded out into the open with seven more behind it. Three surrounded me and a fourth bites me in the neck. Now I’m pissed. As my anger began to consume me, I felt the earth tremble beneath me. With pure reckless abandon, I grabbed the wolf off my neck and ripped its jaw in two. I let it fall dead at my feet. Its brothers and sisters begin to attack me all at once. My ax fell as I fell. With my now free hand, I grabbed another and ripped its throat out. I felt twinges of pain that I knew were deeper than I perceived. F*******A*******! I grabbed at another, then another, and another. They clawed and scrap, bite and even chewed. And in that flurry of blood, ripped flesh, and splintered bones, I felt Adanna’s magic wash over me and boosted me from my near-unconsciousness. Twice. Adanna had once again proved that she is my only friend.

After the battle of the direwolf, Adanna healed us. Murray broke the news to Horros that having a wolf for a pet was not meant to be for it ran away. I tried not to look at him when I took a head of a dead wolf to fashion into a victory trophy. He was a sad sight.

12th of Pelor
We are able to travel a bit before we approached the druid grove where Gunnar made his home. The landscape began to change. We walked along a plateau, with mountains in the distance. Horros pointed out a saber-tooth tiger resting on a tree limb. Murray approached it, and offered it a pipe. The saber-tooth tiger jumped down from the limb and whispered something to Murray. Murray extended his pipe again and said we were seeking Gunnar. Again, a voice whispered and I heard Murray say we were Warders from Echeron. A second, smaller albino saber-tooth tiger jumped down from a tree. Murray holds out his hand, and is led by the albino saber to somewhere. We followed them. It seemed the thing to do. Adanna was super suspicious of everything and casted spells trying to figure out whatever it was she thought she had to figure out. We came to a point where the larger saber did not want all of us following anymore. Murray was the exception in this case and he and the albino went ahead. Four hours passed by without sight or sound of Murray. Adanna, Horros, and I waited under watch of the saber. Adanna explored as best she could. You could tell her patience had run out and she was anxious for news. Possibly she was jealous that Murray had an in with the sabers while she did not. Watching her simmer and eventually boil over was kind of entertaining. Finally, Murray reappeared with information that Gunnar had left and is a few days away. Wow. Four hours to get one sentence. He must have turned himself into a tree to have that conversation.

We traveled according to the directions that were given to Murray, which weren’t much. We had to find a glacier. We had to follow the river to the foothills and valley. In end, finally, we saw the first signs of civilization that we had seen for a long time.

Clean Up and Clear Out

13th of Olid – 5th of Pelor, 560 QC

The party (Adanna, Horros, Raquel, and Murray) spent nearly two weeks in the cultists’ cave in Hell’s Canyon, resting, exploring, and excavating the mysterious rubble. During that time, they were visited by a strange, ever-shifting, nauseating extraplanar creature that harried and harassed them. During the battle, it managed to escape, never to return. Upon clearing the rubble, they discovered what appeared to be an ancient dwarven door of unknown origin. Unable to progress beyond the door, they returned to Echeron to report back to Heran, and eventually began a long trip through the Golgan Mountains to find Gunnar, who is reportedly hidden away at the Astillican. After over a week of travel, they managed to make significant progress through an increasingly hostile mountain range.

Adanna Fionn

There is much to tell. And yet, there is so much more to be done. We remained almost two weeks longer in Hell’s Canyon to excavate the area beyond the rubble. During that time Murray learned to transfigure into animals, which seemed to make him the happiest I have ever seen him. Raquel hunted and helped Rolgar, Horros studied and meditated. I was able to consecrate the cave, by the power of Pelor, and spoke at length with our captive cultist, whose name we learned to be Joryn.

It seems Joryn was not as influenced towards dark magic as our previous captive. He did not voluntarily join the cultists, but was abducted from his uncle’s farm in Echeron where he lived with his father, Samuel Cooperson. He admitted to learning the cultist’s ways, but it seems he was bedazzled to do so, and his heart was not in it. In the end he longed only to be home with his family, away from his forced association with the evil cult. Murray fought ardently in his defense against Captain Edson’s prosecution when we returned to Echeron, and we hope the townsfolk will be forgiving.

During that week we encountered the mysterious Messenger of which our previous captive cultist spoke. It came in the form of an extra-planar, winged-insect-like creature with other-worldly properties. We defeated his mud-formed villains, but the messenger escaped. I was able to understand some of the Infernal language he spoke, which is how I confirmed he was in fact messenger to Zander and that he mistook us for cultists, as we disguised ourselves to be.

On the 22nd of Olid we made it through the rubble. Inside we found an extremely ancient room surrounded by pillars on each side with an enchanted door at the far end. Whereas the room was covered in centuries-old filth, this door and its adjacent walls were in pristine condition. Rolgar, being from Nal-Moranger, the Dwarven kingdom known for its masterful craftsmanship, confirmed this structure to be Dwarven-made, but admitted he had never seen its equal. There were symbols written on the door which reminded me of iconography used by priests of Moradin, the patron God of dwarves. Rolgar agreed it was Dwarven writing, but could not read it. I could not interpret the symbols either, even after attempting multiple spells. I found this odd and admittedly frustrating, as my spells would usually be sufficient.

Unable to open the door, we found ourselves with no choice but to return to Echeron in preparation for our three week trek to Gunnar’s. It is our hope that he is the key to opening this door, and to the greater mystery of Tondar’s Prophecy. Before we left Zoaldavis honored us with Warder’s rings, saying they would provide us with increased vigilancy and less need for food and sleep. They did not seem to help much in our fight against the vicious mountain vines, but I have faith they will serve us in our greater purpose. It is now the 5th of Pelor, the month of my lord. I pray for his grace and favor in all things, and may he continue to bless us on our journey.

Dead End: Part II


10th – 13th of Olid, 560 QC

After speaking further with the Provost, the party (Adanna, Murray, and Horros, and Raquel) was joined by a band of city guards and a dwarven mining engineer for their (hopefully) final return to Hell’s Canyon. They were given the tasks of flushing out the last of the cultists and destroying Dustwalker.

They successfully led the group to the canyon, and in a long-running battle through the oppressive darkness of the cultists’ caves, the party was finally able to destroy the cult, obliterating The Dustwalker in his own cursed temple. After a little bit of rest and research, the party settled in, determined to uncover the secrets beyond the collapsed tunnel. Only a week’s worth of work remains…
Adanna Fionn

Dustwalker is done. With the help of Captain Edson and the five guards sent with us from Echeron, we defeated the evil priest and Lord Pergrator. It turns out Dustwalker was a ghast, which helps explain why he employed so many undead creatures.

On his corpse we found many items which may be of use to us; a magical cloak of resistance, an enchanted ring bearing the symbol of Nerull, and a letter. The letter was written to Dark Lord Zander from Dustwalker, and reads as follows:

Much progress has been made, my Dark Lord. Tondar’s Prophecy is near. Please forgive me for such a brief message, but the news I have cannot travel by untrusted means. I will be at the Temple in Lan’Gess on the Solstice, in time for the Feast. Lord Pergrator shall keep the ruins secured in my absence. Nerull’s desecration be upon us, Dustwalker

We will not make it to Lan’Gess in time to investigate this ‘Feast’ as the solstice will be upon us in less than two weeks. So we have decided to remain in the cave for multiple purposes. I need to consecrate this unholy ground. And the dwarven engineer, Rolgar Stoneforge, with the help of Murray’s spellcasting will be able to uncover what is behind the mysterious rubble in a week’s time.

What we uncover there will decide our next step. But I suspect whatever we find will lead us to seek out the truth of Tondar’s prophecy from Gunnar, then ultimately to Lan’Gess to face Dark Lord Zander.

Ra Quel

Ra-Quel’s Log

In Hell’s Canyon, among the stink, we sought the evil that threatened Echeron. It has made us richer, these quests, though I suppose the purpose of serving the innocent was a reward enough of itself. I am bored of these caves and magic I can do without, but it seemed to be an opportunity to practice with the longbow and I thought maybe I could make it fun. We traveled with some additional companions. They thought themselves useful being guardsmen and an engineer. (I have no idea what an engineer even does.) I had to laugh when they caught site of the vultures and bloated bodies of our enemies. Little chance these companions would be able to add to this collection of the dead. So far, they had only swatted at the vultures.

Past the caves we cleared and back to the Gnolls, we took out some of the guards. Sadly, there were no beasts or anything of heroic interest. Horros scouted further into the cultist’s cave. Adonna readied her spells, anticipating magic as we had encountered before. I’m not sure where Murray was. He can be hard to see. I just try not step on him. It wasn’t long before we found who we came for. After some rusty shots from my longbow, magic, as I feared, took over the battle. I kept my distance when the things began to appear. They were not natural and neither were their effects. I’m not sure what happened but it took a few moments (minutes, hours? hard to tell) to shake it off. Adonna had casted her spell of silence. Some magical sneezing, and those things began to retreat. But I didn’t care, those things had to go. I entered into what my friends have being calling “rage” and fought them in blur of unbridled and instantly-gratifying brutality.

When the fight was over, I collapsed against the far wall, satiated, while the others took an interest in exploring. They love that, tapping walls for secret passages and collecting things like magpies. The enemy was dead and I was impatient to return to green grass. I contemplated starting a collection of heads to wear around my neck just to fit in with the rest of our band.

We found our engineer, as I predicted, completely useless, hiding near the entrance and, with Murray’s help, began his work on this mysterious wall. I was assigned the task of hunting to keep our camp sustained while the wall was being excavated. This meant target practice on vultures: vulture stew, vulture kabobs, and vulture pot-pie. I can be pretty creative when I want to be. Some had the nerve to complain, I casted my own spell of silence by raising my left eyebrow and my great ax.

Dead End

6th – 9th of Olid, 560 QC

The party (Adanna, Murray, and Horros) was chased down the from the cliffs of the cultist’s cave, but managed to escape with unconscious and newly legless acolyte prisoner. That night in their forest camp, they were set upon by a horde of undead, which they managed to defeat using a mix of holy power and tree-climbing ingenuity. After interrogating their teenaged prisoner, they discovered a bit more about the Cult’s motives. The most significant revelation was that Dustwalker was pursuing something called Tondar’s Prophecy.

Upon returning to Echeron, they discovered that this prophecy had an historic link with the town, involving it’s old Warders. The party discovered that one of them, Gunnar, has been in deep solitude in the Golgan Mountains for years, and may need to be found in order to learn more about the prophecy.

They also learned that the child cultist that they had captured may be Devesson Thomeri, a runaway son of an influential politician in the far-off city of Lan’Gess.
Adanna Fionn

We escaped the canyon after seeing Dustwalker and his followers, only after finishing off a few gnolls pursuing us. We made it back to camp with our captive cultist in toe, and began the interrogation process. He was only a boy with his lower torso destroyed from battle wounds, but he held fast to his cultist convictions. We tried again the next morning, this time with him under the Zone of Truth spell. This interview was more productive, and he spoke of a Prophecy and a Dark Lord.

Supposedly, Dustwalker is excavating something of great value behind the area of rubble we previously noticed, and once the “messenger” arrives to the canyon, they will travel to Lan’Gess to meet with the Dark Lord Zander. He could provide no details about this messenger or Tondar’s Prophecy, as he named it, but stated that it was the reason for the recent humanoid captures and that it “could not be stopped.”

We took the day to fully heal, as that night we were unable to rest due to an attack from a herd of undead corpses. Horros persuaded us to fight from the trees rather than on the ground, an idea that proved most fortuitous. Then we headed back to Echeron to learn more of said Prophecy and to restock on supplies. We brought the young cultist with us, and from a guard in Echeron learned the boy was the runaway son of Lan’Gess councilman Tomary.

Heran Zoaldavis, provost to Edward the Regent, received us and told us what he knew of this Prophecy. Fifteen years ago, when Edward’s father was regent, Echeron experienced a similar problem of increased banditry near the Golgan Mountain foothills. A group of recruits not so different from ours helped to resolve the problem, but then were never heard from again. This group, honored as high Warders of Echeron, was familiar with the details of the Prophecy. But Zoaldavis along with the rest of the community of Echeron are not.

The only living person with knowledge of these details, according to Zoaldavis, is Gunnar, a Ranger who helped the Warders at the time of the disturbance. Indirectly through his nature-loving friend Reinell, Gunnar offered to share his experience with us, provided we travel to where he resides in the foothills of the Golgan mountain range. Ahead of us we have the weeks-long journey to Gunnar’s home. For now, we are headed to back to the Canyon to take care of Dustwalker once and for all.

A Cult is a Cult

5th – 6th of Olid, 560 QC

After losing Edwin and Narak and fending off a night ambush of robed gnolls, the party (Adanna, Murray, Raquel, and Horros) made their way back to the caves of the cultists. There, they ran into some strangely unresponsive undead, as well as even more gnolls and acolytes. The party managed to destroy much of the defending force and fight their way through to a cursed room full of strange lights and evil sigils. Before they could penetrate further, an alarm was raised, heralding the arrival of Dustwalker. The party was forced to flee, though they managed to capture a cultist in the process.
Adanna Fionn

Is it possible that so many events could transpire in so little time? Just yesterday Sir Edwin and I battled a vampire-esque villain and evil priests, and today I find myself yet again in the caves, battling knolls and yet again confronting the undead.

It all started when Sir Edwin and I managed to stumble back to our campsite overwhelmed in battle wounds after narrowly escaping our robed-enemies. There we discovered our former allies, Raquel, Horros, and Murray, awaiting our return. All seemed well rested and ready to fight the good fight.

We decided to camp for the night to allow Sir Edwin and I to regain our strength. Rest we sought, enemies we received. We were able to finish them off without much effort, but after the encounter we realized Sir Edwin had mysteriously disappeared. Likely he rushed Narak, the kobalt leader we rescued, to Echeron for emergency medical attention. But I fear we will never know.

We awoke this morning at our new camp site an hour away from the previous location, and decided to re-enter the same cave Sir Edwin and I had explored the day before. Soon upon entering, we saw a group of zombies doing what appeared to be manual labor. They paid no attention to us, and instead were most interested in moving rubble from a fallen wall from one side of the hallway to the other. I noticed a strong sense of abjuration magic coming from far behind the rubble, and made a mental note to explore that part of the cave when possible.

We disposed of that group of zombies, as well as a more threatening group guarding what seemed to be an old dwarf-king’s throne room. Further exploration led us to an encounter with some humanoid spell-casters. We chased them down a hall leading to an unnatural appearing room with curtains filled with evil markings. As we defeated one of these creatures, a loud bell rang out that echoed throughout the caves. Interpreting this as an intruder alarm of some sort, we took the defeated humanoid hostage and ran for our lives towards the cave’s exit.

By the blessing of Pelor, we escaped. But just before reaching the cave’s entrance, we saw assembled figures pursuing us, led by a mysterious being. He wore a hooded blood red robe, his flesh stretched tight over his pale long fingers and too-large mouth. As I saw him point and murmur in our direction, my intuition told me this was Dust Walker, an evil priest. I pray that I am wrong.

Not Quite Dead


5th of Olid, 560 QC

The party (Adanna, Edwin, and Horros) ascended the switchbacks leading to one of the last unexplored caves, and found the home of the Nerull cultists, which was full of foul undead and dark acolytes. They fought their way through the complex, discovering old crypts, dark prisons, and torture rooms. After Horros retreated due to injuries, they managed to find and rescue an old friend, Narak, the leader of the local tribe of Kobolds. They were eventually able to escape the cultists cave, and make their way back to the campsite, where they rested, healed, and brought Narak back into the light of consciousness.


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