Far Primus

An Edward in a Cavestack: Part V

28th of Fharl – 29th of Fharl, 560 QC

After killing Malice, Murray Redwing went back to camp to compose himself, while Ra Quel managed to find her way back to the invading party. The party dealt with an ambush and a large Bugbear encounter before retreating back to camp. They returned the next day to continue their exploration, defeating the remaining bugbears in the cave, and ultimately finding Edward Y’Danves.

Adanna Fionn

Alas, we have found the regent. It feels like years since I journeyed to Echeron with Toof, a difficult wizard, and Whelk, an irresponsible yet lovable rogue, on a desperate whim for a renewed purpose to survive. There we accepted the responsibility of venturing in to Hell’s Canyon to find and return Edward, the kidnapped regent, to Echeron.

Toof suffered greatly in battle and himself was captured. Though we were able to free him eventually, his spirit was heavily damaged, to the point where he saw the impious land of Elvenhome preferable to staying one minute more in Hell’s Canyon. Whelk, of humorous yet weak constitution, succumbed to women and drink, and my divine sense tells me I will never see him again.

Praise be to Pelor for sending me allies in their stead. I pray he watch over the fighter who returned to Echeron to heal his wounds, and the Monk and Druid, who lost their nerve to carry on; may Pelor grant them the strength of mind and body to return. I am eternally blessed that Raquel, the impressive barbarian, stayed and that Pelor guided us to find Edward and accomplish our mission.

Grateful as I am, however, I cannot ignore a divine force telling me our work here is not over. Before entering the canyon I sensed an evil presence taking over this land. There is proof of it in the kidnapping and murdering of the townspeople of Echeron by the cave-dwellers. And from our encounters with unnatural creatures and forces in the Bugbear caves, I fear that evil powers larger than humanoids are driving this wickedness. Though we have found the regent, it seems our adventure has just begun.

An Edward in a Cavestack: Part IV


27th of Fharl – 28th of Fharl, 560 QC

After defeating Belros and his minions, the party rested in the forest near Hell’s Canyon. The next morning, when the party awoke, Whelk decided to return to Echeron to down some well-earned ale. Raquel decided to escort him back, for his own safety. Luckily for Adanna, two other adventurers arrived, looking to explore the caves: Murray Redwing, a human druid, and Horros Moonshadow, his newfound elven friend.

After a brief discussion, the party decided to infiltrate the Bugbears cave together. They made quick work of a handful of the residents, and managed to find a key and capture a bugbear prisoner.

An Edward in a Cavestack: Part III

26th of Fharl – 27th of Fharl, 560 QC

Adanna and Wilhelm tried to recover in the woods outside Hell’s Canyon, but were only partially successful. Wilhelm was too injured, and had to return to Echeron for more substantial healing. Luckily, Whelk had left Echeron that morning, and managed to find Adanna resting in the woods. He brought along a female barbarian bodyguard by the name of Raquel.

Together, they infiltrated the hobgoblin’s cave that evening, and managed to fight their way to Toof and free him. Having suffered severely at the hands of the hobgoblin leader (Belros), Toof wasted no time in leaving the canyon, and heading back to Elvenhome. Before he left, he told the party that Belros had traded Edward to a creature known as Malice.

The next morning, the party returned to the hobgoblin caves, and soundly defeated the remaining hobgoblins, capturing Belros. With a mix of negotiating and intimidation, they managed to confirm that Belros had, in fact, traded Edward to Malice, who was the leader of the nearby band of Bugbears.

An Edward in a Cavestack: Part II


25th of Fharl – 26th of Fharl, 560 QC

The party spent the night in the dank kobolds’ cave, with a plan to the explore the hobgoblin caves in the morning. After the sun rose, they briefly explored a natural cave found below the Hobgoblins cave entrance, only to be rebuffed by some sort of giant. They moved onto the hobgoblins’ cave, laying waste to a large number of the inhabitants, and freeing a room full of captives. However, deep in the caves, they met their match and were ambushed by a large gang of hobgoblins. Toof was captured, but Adanna and Wilhelm managed to escape. They fled to the woods to regroup and recover. On the way to the forest, they ran into Nedward, a dwarven captive who had decided to stick around after the party freed him.

An Edward in a Cavestack


22nd of Fharl – 25th of Fharl, 560 QC

The party cautiously approached Hell’s Canyon, first attempting to sneak into the cave rumored to be the home of a band of goblins. The rumors proved to be true, and the party quickly dispatched of the weak tribe. However, in the process, they managed to run into a more substantial group of hobgoblins, and were forced to flee into the forest.

The next day, they approached another cave to parlay with the resident kobolds. They found a quick friend in the kobold leader, and were able to learn a few more things about the canyon. They also agreed to free the leader’s wife who had recently been captured by a tribe of orcs living in the cliff face above the kobolds.

They managed to infiltrate one of the orc caves, and accosted the tribal leader. In the course of a very short “conversation”, they learned that the orcs had recently sold their slaves to the canyon’s tribe of hobgoblins.

The party decided to rest in the friendly kobold caves and prepare for yet another infiltration.


Began exploring caves, encountered serious hobgoblin resistance and an odd feeling that fate was guiding us towards serious infanticide. Despite valiant booty-clapping, the hobgoblins had their way with us and we retreated to the woods to recover before changing strategies and approaching the kobolts. The totem previously acquired garnered their favor and we learned of the slaves, both human and kobolt.

With promise of further support upon finding the elder kobolt’s wife, we left for orc caves. After abandoning the first entrance when we noticed hidden observers, we pushed through the second entrance and with coordinates efforts fought our way through orcs, both large and small. We eventually secured the surrender of an orc archer who told that his kind had sold their slaves to the goblins and that they were residing in a small cave on the opposite side of the canyon. We quickly left and gathered in the kobolt cave to prepare our assault.

History Repeats


3rd of Fharl – 22nd of Fharl, 560 QC

The party met in Carceras, were collected by Magistrate Sevao, and travelled to Echeron. There, they learned of the city’s plight, and Provost Zoaldavis’ big lie. They ended up in the mountains northeast of the city, about to enter Hell’s Canyon.


Carceras proved to be as shallow as it seemed upon my arrival. After a few weeks of exploring the banality of the town I was about to leave when messengers arrived from Echeron seeking urgent assistance. It was an excuse into the larger city and a greater chance at horizon of knowledge I have pledged to seek.

The halfling running the inn’s kitchen and a quiet, disheveled woman answered the call as well. Through the following weeks of travel the former proved to be as entertaining as his food was unpalatable by Elven standards, but the woman remained reserved.

A dust up with orcs and oddly rising temperatures augered the odd state of Echeron. Dense with refugees, the city was in drenched in fear and chaos, and it wasn’t long before the tenuous deceit the city’s elders masqueraded as leadership came to light. The regent was missing, and those that remained were desperate for help.

With the halfling lost to his fragile constitution, the woman and I began out to the canyon where the regent, and various settlers living on the outskirts, had gone missing. We arrived on the precipice of the canyon deep into the evening, and while Adanna set up camp I scouted ahead. Just as I had settled and began to survey the area the indications of a skirmish shot through the forest; I ran back to Adanna and helped dispatch a group of colbalts.

I contained a survivor and managed to tease an account of a large beast stalking the nearby caves and harassing the cobalts. Upon release he fashioned a crude talisman out of branches and handed it to me before rushing back into the shadows of the forest.


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