Ra Quel – “How do we position ourselves, here?”
Adanna – “Kids in front!”

Horros – “I’m going to hug him so hard with my fists.”

Adanna – “Praise be to Pelor that he grant me the strength not to kick your ass.” (to Murray Redwing)

Adanna – “That’s your role: To make bad decisions and carry heavy shit.” (to Ra Quel)

Grakar – “You kill him. I gotta go to the bathroom.” (to Ra Quel)

Horros – “I’m a ninja, dude.”

Grakar – “Fuck Horros! Nobody even cares about him!”

Horros – “To be fair, I think we only need his head.”

Grakar – “Can they hear the sound of a gnome grunting?”

Adanna – “We can defend ourselves against poor people.”

Finwick – “I wet my pants and run away.”

Horros – “Bag of Holding. It’s so dirty. All it has is books and corpses.”

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