Far Primus

A Favor in Lan'Gess


29th of Fharl – 11th of Pelor, 564 QC

The party (Gorok, Therani Woodlight, Miles Fairchild, and Dazzetaine Deepfury) left Echeron on the 29th of Fharl, starting a months-long trip north to Nall’Morangar. Their first major stop was going to be Lan’Gess. A few weeks into their trip, they encountered a strange wandering elf from Elvenhome, Ilyan Durani. While conversing, they were ambushed by a gang of elven Nameless, led by a female druid. They defeated and killed all of their attackers, but they were unable to suss out a reason for the attack.

As Ilyan was headed towards Ghalt anyway, he joined the adventurers, and they made their way to Lan’Gess. They stayed at the Stoneforge Guildhall. The trade representative there, Ulmaline Stoneforge, convinced the party to investigate a ghost haunting in a nearby building. It was an old collapsed shop that had once been the home of an Old Man Zander. In exchange, Ulmaline would connect them with Margrick Shortstone, a gnomish scholar who would help them translate a mysterious book they had found in Kherrihm. The party agreed to the exchange.

After some preparations at a Temple of Pelor, the party descended into some ruins they found underneath Old Man Zander’s destroyed home. Down below, they discovered a strange black slime, an overpowering stench of rotted and burning peat, and the diseased claws of slavering undead. After they spilled out into an ancient crypt, they were surprised and fought off a gang of starving ghasts. They then powered up a number of magical defenses, and set off to explore deeper into the unknown…



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