Far Primus

20th – 30th of Pelor, 560 QC

The party (Ra Quel, Horros Moonshadow, Murray Redwing, and Adanna Fionn) finally arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post, and were curtly welcomed by the proprietor. After some cajoling, they were able to get Oleg to confess about his bandit problems. During the days preparing for the monthly bandit arrival, they were unexpectedly attacked by a werewolf that seemed to know them. When the bandits finally arrived a few days later, the party easily handled them. In the process, they captured, interrogated, and executed one of the bandit officers, a smarmy human named Happs. With his intel, they were able to immediately track down the bandits to their camp, a day’s ride north along the Golgan Mountains. They managed to completely wipe out the camp, capturing one of the bandits, and allowing another to escape north on a horse.

Murray Redwing

After a few weeks of hiking we came upon Oleg’s trading post where Rheanille had intimated that Gunnar had gone to help his friend. After many a beet and much sharing of the pipe weed, Oleg finally admitted that he did indeed require help with some bandits but, oddly enough, he had neither sent for Gunnar nor seen him recently.

There was only one other visitor when we arrived, a quite and pious man named Jod. He wore an amulet bearing transmutation magic but before we could discover more he had already left. Adana piqued his interest with talk of our previous encountered with werewolves and he made haste towards the valley eager to encounter and slay the wicked creatures.

We spent the next two weeks preparing to battle the bandits that had been raiding Oleg of his stores and insulting his, well, let’s just say “fair” wife. Within a few days a large man took shelter in the trading post; his presence was hard to miss but Adana seemed to take particular notice of the new visitor. With her usual persistence she asked him a barrage of questions until very suddenly transforming into a giant werewolf, wielding a giant sword in his claws and speaking of revenge for his fallen comrades. After an intense battle we were able to subdue the creature and amongst his belongings found an amulet strikingly similar to the one that Jod had been wearing. Did Jod suffer a less-than-successful fate on his quest? And did we face more than just dire wolves back in the valley?

The following week was relatively peaceful. While Ra Quel made up for years of backlogged errands around the trading post I replanted local thorns in the courtyard. Eventually Adana and I spent time studying the magical items we had collected over the past few weeks, learning that the ring that Rheanille had bestowed upon me was in fact a Ring of Sacred Mistletoe, its Shillelagh-granting powers a welcome addition.

Right on schedule the bandits arrived at the beginning of the next month, but they were ill-prepared for more than a cowering Oleg. As soon as they entered the post I raised up the translated thorns, entangling the bandit’s horses and giving us a significant advantage. Two bandits quickly escaped but the rest were quickly dispatched. We even had the luxury of capturing one for interrogation: the ladies took particular luxury in searching him for hidden weapons. The bandit camp was not far and we decided to take the fight to them before those that fled could return with greater numbers.

A few hours outside the fort we found the camp, exactly as our captive had told. With little prepared for a stealth assault we charged, drawing out more bandits and a welcome battle. We dispatched all but one of the greater bandits who escaped on horse and began back towards the trading post. Gunnar was nowhere to be found and Rheanille had some questions to answer.



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