Far Primus

The Mines of Kherrihm: The Forge


22nd – 23rd of Fharl, 564 QC

Having their first encounter with the Black Spider, the party (Gorok, Therani Woodlight, Sir Edward, Miles Fairchild, and Dazzetaine Deepfury) regrouped, rested, and returned to the mines of Kherrihm. They found another, more secretive route back to the Black Spider, and managed to ambush the bugbear guards protecting the path. However, the Black Spider was waiting for them. They parlayed for a bit, and convinced him to allow them to return to their camp with his servant, Vyerith, to retrieve the second map from Gundren. They did so, killing Vyerith, and laying a trap upon their return. The battle was short, and the Black Spider was killed while being held down by Sir Edward.

Afterwards, the party traveled on to the Forge itself, in another part of the caves. There, they encountered a restless spirt and a slavering ball of eyes protecting the Forge. They quickly dispatched these guardians, and used their two arcane dwarven maps to break into a back room of the Forge, where they discovered a glowing mace and a fine set of filigreed gauntlets. Just then, Shaela appeared in the Forge doorway, demanding that the party hand over the gauntlets. They refused, and the battle was joined. The bard drew a menacing-looking greatsword that vibrated and hummed, filling their minds with overpowering divinity. They struggled valiantly for as long as they could, but were eventually overcome. Through the eyes of his owl, Miles watched helplessly as Shaela pulled the gauntlets from Sir Edward’s unconscious hands and walked out the forge.

It would be another hour before the party would regain their senses, by which time Shaela was long gone…



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