Far Primus


11th – 18th of Pelor, 564 QC

… and they ran into more trouble. Ilyan Durani was overtaken by the unnatural stench below, and he returned to the surface. However, the rest of the party (Gorok, Therani Woodlight, Miles Fairchild, and Dazzetaine Deepfury) continued further underneath Old Man Zander’s home, eventually spilling out into an ancient cavern filled with the boiling stench of rotting peat. They found two haunting ghosts there, and put them to rest. The overpowering stench receded…

The party spent the next few days in Lan’Gess resting and searching for a few items of interest. Margrick Shortstone was able to translate their book, pointing them towards something called The Blind Path, which apparently led the way to Tondar’s Prophecy. He also recommended that they search out one Grakar Foechuckle in Ghalt, as he might be interested in the book.

After 4 days in Lan’Gess, the party secured passage on the Roebuck, captained by a Sayyid Al Hura. They set sail on the 15th of Pelor, heading northward on the river Ghaor. In a little over three months, they would hopefully be in Ghalt.




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