Far Primus

18th of Pelor- 28th of Eryth, 564 QC


The trip was long, and relatively uneventful. Besides the Chuul ambush near Lan’Gess, and some waterlogged hags who tried to sneak away with a few crewmen near Ghalt, The Roebuck made it to the great metropolis in a little over three months with a minimum of fuss. There was a bit of an issue with an unexpected river inspection, but the party (Dazzetaine Deepfury, Therani Woodlight, Gorok, and Miles Fairchild) managed to disembark and set foot on Ghaltian soil on the 27th of Eryth. They were heartily greeted there by the local Stoneforge representative, Grau Stoneforge, and were given decadent lodging in their guildhall. The next day, Miles and Gorok trawled around North Point, trying to find Noble connections who might help them get into The Acadamae, while Daze and Therani traveled with Grau to a humble home outside of the city were a little girl lay dying of an unexpected disease. Daze and Therani were able to help the little girl, gaining the admiration of one Ishani Dhatri, a local priest of St. Cuthbert.



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